One of the last set of persons who you would expect to get addicted. As a matter of fact, you would not expect them to be addicted to either drugs or alcohol, which are among the top addictive substances in the world.

Executives are highly successful people, and they have a lifestyle which people crave and would love to have.

Now, one of the traits which makes an executive successful, are among the traits which makes them develop substance abuse issues, and eventually addiction.

Due to the fact that they are wealthy, very resourceful and hold high positions, they find it easy to hide their addiction.

When it comes to addiction, it can develop in any individual irrespective of their socioeconomic status.

Addiction is a chronic and obsessive condition which can be caused by a host of factors like family, genetics and a host of others.

It would look like executives are perfect people who have everything going for them.

One of the reasons why executives get addicted is sensation-seeking.

A good number of executives like to question the reasons behind conventional beliefs. These qualities aid them to try out new challenges in order to try out new experiences.

Another reason why executives get addicted, is unmet childhood requirements.

Some of them had a very rough childhood, and they did not have their basic needs. Hence, they are very motivated to succeed.

Also, some of these executives grew up in homes where the love they receive is conditional. This means that, the love they receive is dependent on academic success and the likes.

Therefore, the desire to achieve success creates an emotional void which is created during childhood.

Now, once the success is achieved, it does not really give the relief it should. The void still remains, and they fill it up with substance use.

Executives also have a persona which they use to shield themselves against insecurity feelings.

They have the appearance of optimistic, upbeat and self-assured people. Due to this appearance, they are cut off from their real impulses and feelings.

Due to this, it affects their intimacy with other people. So, they use alcohol and drugs to handle suppressed feelings of alienation and loneliness.

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