There is a saying that goes thus: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. There are many times we misunderstand people and we probably think they don’t need medical attention since they look alright and perfect. The interesting thing is, most executives and professionals even face addictions. Most of them may no show it but sooner or later, it starts reflecting on their performance at work and they become less efficient than they used to be.

Executives and Professionals are one set of people that have addictions for substances like alcohol and drugs. Research shows that about 75% of people who play executive roles in organizations or professionals in certain fields are addicts to alcohol (especially). These people handle a lot of work and pressure and believe the only way to reduce them and enhance performance is by taking alcohol.

There are several ways you can detect your CEO or a professional in your field has an addiction problem;

1. He or she gets intoxicated during work hours.
2. He or she gets intoxicated at any social gathering, event or even at break during work hours.
3. There is a decline in performance, efficiency and health.
4. Inability to recall important events.
5. Consistent absence or lateness to meetings.
6. Stumbles easily, stutter in speech and most likely have a stench of liquor.
7. Hangover signs during work hours.
8. Gets easily depressed or anxious.
9. Becomes rude at work.
10. Untidiness both in the office and vehicle.

When you find people, who hold high positions in your organization like this, the best thing is not to let them be, providing help for them is the most humane act. With respect, you can recommend them to a Rehab center for them to overcome addiction and perform well at work.

The type of Rehab for executives and professionals is a Luxury Rehab. This Rehab takes into consideration their line of work and many other factors. Recommending a cheap rehab center may not be effective, hence, the need to consider the following factors before choosing a type of Luxury Rehab:

1. Luxury: It must be comfortable, convenient and with a lot of luxury since people attending the rehab center aren’t low-class people.
2. Location: It must be serene, quiet, beautiful and must not be overcrowded.
3. Accessible: Since CEOs and Professionals are the one attending this luxury rehab, they must be able to have access to their devices, files, etc. in order to keep up with day-to-day activities.

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