Addiction has an effect on one’s lifestyle and normalcy. It affects people in such a way that their lives become miserable. It isn’t limited to any age or career, it affects people of all ages; both old and young. It also brings down one’s reputation and outlook i.e. an addict would probably spend all his life savings on the addicted drugs or substances.

n this phase, we would be talking about people who have executive roles but are battling with addiction. Some people who work in renown organizations may look totally fine on the outside but may be secretly having a second identity outside the office life. Most of these people are alcohol addicts and pass every night after work with bottles of alcohol. Sooner or later, this second identity starts messing with their daily activities or work life. There could be a reduction in efficiency which could cost the person a lot if not reduced to minimum.

Drinking of alcohol is legal but the misuse such as an addiction is a problem. Some are even addicted to drugs rather than alcohol and this could affect the mental state of such person at work. Such people become unnecessarily anxious and paranoid. Addiction to these substances in private will affect work, home, lifestyle and health, hence, the need for proper orientation on the dangers of addiction while having an executive role to perform at work.

However, for addicts who would love to make a change and stay relevant in his or her workplace, there is an executive rehab program available to support this conscious effort. These executive rehabs have designed their programs to provide maximum comfort experience and respond to your needs for self-identification and allows you to make steps towards a change.

Features of an Executive Rehab

Having an executive rehab is an awesome experience because it definitely changes you and allows you to be the very best you can be without dependence on drugs or alcohol. Features of these executive rehabs include;

1. An option for a private room.
2. It must be comfortable and convenient.
3. Patient-staff policy where information about you must not be shared without your permission.
4. A private conference room.
5. Since you have an executive role, you must have access to phones, computers and other devices.
6. Healthy meals should be provided.
7. Facilities for exercises should also be made available to relieve stress and keep you fit.

Through this executive rehab experience, you can overcome addiction easily and still function at your workplace without dependence on drugs or alcohol; or without having a secret identity.

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