It is easy to apportion blame to an addicted person until when you come to realize the reason for their addiction. Over the years, people have been addicted with all forms of obsessions, and trying to snap out of it has been pretty hard. So all they do is try to manage the situation with the hope that it leaves them some day. Now, it is impossible for an addicted person to break free of an addiction in just one instant. It is a gradual process which would see the addicted individual leave the addiction and revert, the cycle could go on for a while before the addiction becomes a tale of the past.

Executives too have addictions, but many people are unaware of this fact. It is not surprising however because executives have been portrayed as being perfect gentlemen who would have no drawbacks on their careers. Executives themselves are aware of the fact that all eyes are on them, they are public figures, and there must be no dent on their image. The truth is, addiction is a very strong shackle which is no respecter of persons, and breaking free from it would require a lot.

The addicted executive must realize that an addiction which is being managed for a while, would soon be evident in the open, and by then it could be too late. Common addictions of executives include the intensive intake of alcohol and the use of hard drugs. These substances are taken because of the stress they experience at work, some of them feel taking these substances would help them relax better, and make them fit for the next phase of their work. Being addicted to alcohol or drugs has its symptoms which could include:

1. A sharp increase or decline in appetite
2. Frequent stomach complications
3. Regular headache spasms
4. Insomnia

Executives who are hooked on hard drugs or alcohol would need to visit a drug or alcohol rehab to get the needed support. Asides this, they can also try out some personal treatments such as reducing the number of hours spent at work, to pave way for more time to rest. Also, in doing this, there should be a provision for an enhanced division of labor among the workers. With this, the executive would not need to partake in all projects, the best he can do, is to effectively supervise and ensure everything is going on well.

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