Health tips for executives to prevent addiction

Addiction has the capacity to affect anyone irrespective of your age, status, color and the likes. Among professionals in the workplace, there are reasons why some of them have the tendency to be addicted more than the others. A worthy mention are executives.

Executives are top professionals who are responsible for managing an organization. However, the exact type of role differs across organizations. Executives are those who operate government agencies or private organizations. And they are responsible for creating plans that ensure growth.

Due to this, Executives go through much stress than you can imagine and this is why some of them end up addicted.

Here are some health tips for executives to implement

Check your blood pressure frequently

High blood pressure, also known as Hypertension, is a silent killer. The reason is, several people have it but they are not aware because there are no symptoms. If hypertension is not controlled, the major organs in the body can be affected.

It is crucial to check your blood pressure regularly so you will know where you stand.


Many executives do not exercise and they hide under the guise that they are busy. Exercise or physical activity comes with many immense benefits. You can exercise while doing house chores, working and the likes. Exercising is one of the best ways to balance a sedentary lifestyle.

Eat a nutritious diet

The importance of eating a nutritious diet cannot be over-emphasized. A nutritious diet saves you the chances of coming down with chronic health diseases. If you don’t know how to go about it, you can reach out to a dietician. A nutritious diet also helps you combat stress and reduces the chances of addiction.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs abuse is something several executives are guilty of. When it comes to taking alcohol or drugs, there is no safe level. There are several adverse effects that come with taking alcohol and drugs, and it is best to avoid them totally. A better alternative is taking much water or fruit juice.  


One of the last set of persons who you would expect to get addicted. As a matter of fact, you would not expect them to be addicted to either drugs or alcohol, which are among the top addictive substances in the world.

Executives are highly successful people, and they have a lifestyle which people crave and would love to have.

Now, one of the traits which makes an executive successful, are among the traits which makes them develop substance abuse issues, and eventually addiction.

Due to the fact that they are wealthy, very resourceful and hold high positions, they find it easy to hide their addiction.

When it comes to addiction, it can develop in any individual irrespective of their socioeconomic status.

Addiction is a chronic and obsessive condition which can be caused by a host of factors like family, genetics and a host of others.

It would look like executives are perfect people who have everything going for them.

One of the reasons why executives get addicted is sensation-seeking.

A good number of executives like to question the reasons behind conventional beliefs. These qualities aid them to try out new challenges in order to try out new experiences.

Another reason why executives get addicted, is unmet childhood requirements.

Some of them had a very rough childhood, and they did not have their basic needs. Hence, they are very motivated to succeed.

Also, some of these executives grew up in homes where the love they receive is conditional. This means that, the love they receive is dependent on academic success and the likes.

Therefore, the desire to achieve success creates an emotional void which is created during childhood.

Now, once the success is achieved, it does not really give the relief it should. The void still remains, and they fill it up with substance use.

Executives also have a persona which they use to shield themselves against insecurity feelings.

They have the appearance of optimistic, upbeat and self-assured people. Due to this appearance, they are cut off from their real impulses and feelings.

Due to this, it affects their intimacy with other people. So, they use alcohol and drugs to handle suppressed feelings of alienation and loneliness.


There is a saying that goes thus: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. There are many times we misunderstand people and we probably think they don’t need medical attention since they look alright and perfect. The interesting thing is, most executives and professionals even face addictions. Most of them may no show it but sooner or later, it starts reflecting on their performance at work and they become less efficient than they used to be.

Executives and Professionals are one set of people that have addictions for substances like alcohol and drugs. Research shows that about 75% of people who play executive roles in organizations or professionals in certain fields are addicts to alcohol (especially). These people handle a lot of work and pressure and believe the only way to reduce them and enhance performance is by taking alcohol.

There are several ways you can detect your CEO or a professional in your field has an addiction problem;

1. He or she gets intoxicated during work hours.
2. He or she gets intoxicated at any social gathering, event or even at break during work hours.
3. There is a decline in performance, efficiency and health.
4. Inability to recall important events.
5. Consistent absence or lateness to meetings.
6. Stumbles easily, stutter in speech and most likely have a stench of liquor.
7. Hangover signs during work hours.
8. Gets easily depressed or anxious.
9. Becomes rude at work.
10. Untidiness both in the office and vehicle.

When you find people, who hold high positions in your organization like this, the best thing is not to let them be, providing help for them is the most humane act. With respect, you can recommend them to a Rehab center for them to overcome addiction and perform well at work.

The type of Rehab for executives and professionals is a Luxury Rehab. This Rehab takes into consideration their line of work and many other factors. Recommending a cheap rehab center may not be effective, hence, the need to consider the following factors before choosing a type of Luxury Rehab:

1. Luxury: It must be comfortable, convenient and with a lot of luxury since people attending the rehab center aren’t low-class people.
2. Location: It must be serene, quiet, beautiful and must not be overcrowded.
3. Accessible: Since CEOs and Professionals are the one attending this luxury rehab, they must be able to have access to their devices, files, etc. in order to keep up with day-to-day activities.


Addiction has an effect on one’s lifestyle and normalcy. It affects people in such a way that their lives become miserable. It isn’t limited to any age or career, it affects people of all ages; both old and young. It also brings down one’s reputation and outlook i.e. an addict would probably spend all his life savings on the addicted drugs or substances.

n this phase, we would be talking about people who have executive roles but are battling with addiction. Some people who work in renown organizations may look totally fine on the outside but may be secretly having a second identity outside the office life. Most of these people are alcohol addicts and pass every night after work with bottles of alcohol. Sooner or later, this second identity starts messing with their daily activities or work life. There could be a reduction in efficiency which could cost the person a lot if not reduced to minimum.

Drinking of alcohol is legal but the misuse such as an addiction is a problem. Some are even addicted to drugs rather than alcohol and this could affect the mental state of such person at work. Such people become unnecessarily anxious and paranoid. Addiction to these substances in private will affect work, home, lifestyle and health, hence, the need for proper orientation on the dangers of addiction while having an executive role to perform at work.

However, for addicts who would love to make a change and stay relevant in his or her workplace, there is an executive rehab program available to support this conscious effort. These executive rehabs have designed their programs to provide maximum comfort experience and respond to your needs for self-identification and allows you to make steps towards a change.

Features of an Executive Rehab

Having an executive rehab is an awesome experience because it definitely changes you and allows you to be the very best you can be without dependence on drugs or alcohol. Features of these executive rehabs include;

1. An option for a private room.
2. It must be comfortable and convenient.
3. Patient-staff policy where information about you must not be shared without your permission.
4. A private conference room.
5. Since you have an executive role, you must have access to phones, computers and other devices.
6. Healthy meals should be provided.
7. Facilities for exercises should also be made available to relieve stress and keep you fit.

Through this executive rehab experience, you can overcome addiction easily and still function at your workplace without dependence on drugs or alcohol; or without having a secret identity.


It is easy to apportion blame to an addicted person until when you come to realize the reason for their addiction. Over the years, people have been addicted with all forms of obsessions, and trying to snap out of it has been pretty hard. So all they do is try to manage the situation with the hope that it leaves them some day. Now, it is impossible for an addicted person to break free of an addiction in just one instant. It is a gradual process which would see the addicted individual leave the addiction and revert, the cycle could go on for a while before the addiction becomes a tale of the past.

Executives too have addictions, but many people are unaware of this fact. It is not surprising however because executives have been portrayed as being perfect gentlemen who would have no drawbacks on their careers. Executives themselves are aware of the fact that all eyes are on them, they are public figures, and there must be no dent on their image. The truth is, addiction is a very strong shackle which is no respecter of persons, and breaking free from it would require a lot.

The addicted executive must realize that an addiction which is being managed for a while, would soon be evident in the open, and by then it could be too late. Common addictions of executives include the intensive intake of alcohol and the use of hard drugs. These substances are taken because of the stress they experience at work, some of them feel taking these substances would help them relax better, and make them fit for the next phase of their work. Being addicted to alcohol or drugs has its symptoms which could include:

1. A sharp increase or decline in appetite
2. Frequent stomach complications
3. Regular headache spasms
4. Insomnia

Executives who are hooked on hard drugs or alcohol would need to visit a drug or alcohol rehab to get the needed support. Asides this, they can also try out some personal treatments such as reducing the number of hours spent at work, to pave way for more time to rest. Also, in doing this, there should be a provision for an enhanced division of labor among the workers. With this, the executive would not need to partake in all projects, the best he can do, is to effectively supervise and ensure everything is going on well.


Executives and professionals seem to have the perfect life. Everything seems to be going well for them. This could be the case in the lives of some of them. The rest however have a life which is far from being perfect. It would be difficult to notice if everything is not going well with them, because they have the capacities to conceal it. A number of executives and professionals have a lot to deal with, and it tells a whole lot on them, thus inducing all forms of stress and pressure which they deal with in different ways.

Reasons For Stress Among Executives And Professionals

1. Deliberating on crucial decisions which could make or mar the company or organization: Executives and professionals are saddled with this responsibility, as they are the right set of people with the resources to do this. The life of the company or organization rests with them, and measures must be set up to ensure its continued existence.

2. Formulation of plans to secure the financial future of the company: This could lead to series of sleepless nights. No one wants to lead or work in a company that is running into debts or is already bankrupt. So to avoid this, all hands must be on deck to avoid this.

3. Little time to rest: Some executives and professionals would be poorly graded if it comes down to allotting ample time to rest. They can even go to the extent of sacrificing family time just to meet up with the demands at work.

Solutions To The Aforementioned Reasons

Most executives and professionals spend a good number of years of their lives trying to attain this success and in the end, they discover that too much time has been spent on working too hard. One key solution which would work is, properly managing a team of trusted workers and colleagues alike, and ensuring that they are properly monitored and supervised. The goal of the project on ground or the company at large must be properly spelled out to everyone involved, this would make them sit up and work towards the set goal.
Executives and professionals need to make out time to properly rest, this would be essential in figuring out the next move to make when the need arises. A calm mind is a healthy one, and better results are easily achieved.


Hardly would you find anyone who does not have a tale to tell concerning addiction. You as a person might not have been a victim of one. However, you must have known or come across someone who suffered from addiction, and is trying to or has gotten off the hook of addiction. Addiction comes in all forms, no matter how minute it could be perceived to be, what matters is the frequency at which the action is carried out.

Spotting an addicted person is quite easy. Taking the use of cocaine for example, an addicted cocaine user would find it difficult to control how much is used, and despite the fact that they know it has detrimental consequences, they still continue to use it. The treatment and recovery from addiction is a complex one and it takes more than just an abrupt stop.

Addiction And Your Lifestyle

Addiction is hinged on the basis that a particular lifestyle has been created such that, it would be easier for the particular act of addiction to fit in and hence, it becomes a regular action. So, the very first natural step of treating addiction with a view to recovering, is creating a new lifestyle, where the addiction would find it hard to fit in. This does not imply that everything in your life would change, rather, figure out the key areas in your life which need a total overhaul or a major modification.

Also, while figuring this out, ensue that you stay away from situations which are high-risk ones, such as being hungry, angry, lonely and tired. These situations are bound to happen to everyone, however what matters is how you deal with them.

You need to ask yourself what you do when you are hungry and what those around you would tell you to do. The same applies to anger and the rest of the high-risk situations. You can find people who would advise you to drown yourself in alcohol when you are really angry, so that the cause of the anger would be forgotten. The fact is, it is only a provisional solution, in a matter of hours when you are sober and free from the effect of alcohol, the moments starts coming back and flashes of anger starts setting in.

To avoid all these, avoid the conventional approaches to the aforementioned situations, by indulging in healthy acts which would help you create a better lifestyle.

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